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It’s not just a Softener... it’s a Filter too!

Stream∇Shield™ Central Home

Quality, Performance, Safety and Great looks. What more can you ask for?  The Stream∇Shield™ Central Home unit is the perfect choice for you, your home and your family. Stream∇Shield™ is not only a water Softener but it’s a water Filter too. That’s right, its technology is duel for what’s important. You get all the benefits of a water softener and a water purifier in one. Most companies only sell “Softeners” or only “Filters” seperatly. Stream∇Shield™ does it all. You can feel it the day it is installed. Below you will see some of the benefits of choosing a Stream∇Shield™ Central Home Water Appliance.

Some of the many impurities removed or significantly reduced by Stream∇Shield™ Central Home.

• Pesticides and Herbicides
• Chlorine
• Benzene
• Trihalomethane (THM)
• Radon
• Solvents
• Some Heavy Metals
• Bad Tastes and Odors
• Sediment
• Calcium
• Magnesium
• Iron*
• Manganese*
• Hydrogen Sulfide*

And More…

*indicates minor amounts removed


Home & Energy

You Save money on your heating bill. That's right; now that your water has been purified from calcium, magnesium and many other impurities your water is lighter and less dense so it reaches boiling temperature faster. This means your water heater has to work less, stays cleaner and lasts longer.

Cleaner pipes, faucets and sinks. No more of that ugly white crusty scale build up around your faucets. Scale build up is the number one cause for clogged faucets and replacements. 

Cleaner dishes, glasses and cookware. Now your glasses look sparkling and spot free more than ever before. 
Save on soap and laundry detergent. Now that your water is clean and lighter, soap and laundry detergent interact with water the way it was intended. In fact one quarter of soap or laundry detergent is all you need to clean your clothes wash your hair or whatever your cleaning needs may be. Look forward to saving 40-70% on cleaning supplies alone. Less is more with Stream∇Shield™.

Now you can see your clothes cleaner and brighter. No more chlorine and hard impurities making your clothes, towels and linens rough and discolored. Now they are softer, brighter and look great.

Tubs and shower doors are no longer littered with nasty soap scum.

You are not only protecting yourself but you are now protecting your other home appliances from hard water. This enables them to work more efficiently, requires less maintenance and significantly prolongs the there life span.

Stream∇Shield™ pays itself…and then saves you money…

Can it really be true? Well actually yes. The Stream∇Shield™ Central Home pays for itself. How is this possible? Well here is why; Brook’s focus was and always has been on delivering clean, healthy water for you, your family and your home. The results of achieving those goals just gave our customers something extra to smile about. Given the fact that the Stream∇Shield™ Central Home achieves its objectives on delivering soft, purified water, the positive effects also carried into home energy costs. For example If you use a gas-fired water heater you can expect to save 29.5% per year on heating costs. This is because your water heater is no longer plagued by calcium deposits; and as a result prolongs the life span of your water heater. You are also going to save on cleaning supplies. This is because your water is now “soft” and soft water foams up with as much as one quarter of the amount needed for hard water. So whatever you use now, with only a quarter of the amount you will have more cleaning power and save on water and cleaning supplies. Once again expect to save 40-70% on cleaning products alone. It so good we had to tell you twice.


Your Body



"No more chlorine"

Not only is chlorine removed from your water supply, you no longer have to breathe it in. Breathe in chlorine? How is this possible you ask? If you’re like most of us here at Brook, then you love a nice hot shower. As we shower, you will notice the bathroom or shower stall becomes very steamy. This steam is water evaporating into the air. As the steam (water) rises which contains chlorine, we inhale it into our lungs. So now not only do we ingest chlorine from our drinking water, we inhale chlorine gas into our lungs. This process has been stated by many authorities on the topic as highly susceptible to causing many different types of cancers. Please see our water knowledge section to learn more about the effects of chlorine on the body.

Taking a shower also interacts with another organ of our bodies... our skin. When we take a hot shower, our pours open allowing the chlorine to pass through the skin, absorbing directly into our blood stream. This process happens at a rate that is 6-8 times higher than drinking. It is now stated by the Health Science Institute that the amount of water absorbed into the body is to the tune of 8 full glasses of the same water.

“Chlorine has been linked to significant increases in certain types of cancer and stated that up to 2/3 of our harmful exposure comes from inhalation of steam while showering".
~ The American Journal of Public Health
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