Do you take your Water from a WELL?

Well water requires more attention for the simple reason that we don’t know exactly what or how much of a certain contaminate or mineral is present in your water. Many believe well water has a higher quality of water than your local city water, some even believe it is safer? This is not entirely the case. Many well water owners express their concerns to us. Some report a “rotten egg” smell due to high levels of sulphur. Or their water may have a reddish tint that is staining their toilets, sinks and bathtubs due to high levels of iron. Some even complain of stomach cramps and food poison like symptoms due to e-coli bacteria being present. Whatever condition of your well water Brook will improve it and make it safe to drink. 
Because well water needs to be treated differently then city water our first step is to send a Brook water technician to your home for a free water analysis. Once our technician arrives they will draw a sample of your well water from its first entry point into your home. As the water is pumped up from the well it is put in a holding tank where it sits before someone in the home turns on a tap. This is where your Brook water technician will take their sample. Once the technician has obtained a sample of your well water they will then send it off to the Brook water lab for a complete water analysis. Once the testing is complete we will know exactly what is in your water and to what degree. With our complete water analysis we can now build your custom Stream∇Shield™ Home water system.

Many people on well water take a sample of their water over to a municipal water testing facility to have their water tested. It is important to know that public municipalities only test for bacteria. They do not test for anything else. Their duty is only to make sure the water you bring them for testing is safe from harmful bacteria. It is also important to note even though your water may be free of bacteria today it may surface at anytime without warning. Having a Ultra-Violet light to protect your water is considered a must and a staple in all of our well water systems.
A visit by a Brook water technician and a complete water analysis is a free courtesy from us to you.
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